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Friday, December 22, 2006

Inspiration for Christmas: 1

God's arrival on the scene was heralded by angels.

They had a clear, unequivocal message for those who would listen.

A saviour - he is Christ the Lord - not "he may become" or "he will be". For this baby was the Almighty in human form, choosing to enter our universe and live amongst us. The All-Powerful choosing to temporarily set aside His rights in order to redeem a lost people.

By taking this step he was putting into effect a chain of events that He had already engineered in advance - before the foundation of the world - demonstarting that He was truly Lord over past, present and future.

Yet at the time, all the physical evidence set before the world was a baby. But to those who saw with the eye of faith, it was already clearly established that this was the redeemer.

Look around you this Christmas. What do you see? Vulnerable beginnings, or the glorious end result. Call things as you see them - with the perspective of the eternal.

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