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Monday, December 04, 2006

Inspirational Advent Verses: 4

Matthew ch.2 v.3 is an odd little verse.

We can understand the first half easily enough. Out of the blue, a company of strangers appears from the East. They claim that they are here to see the new king...


You are the king. You are insecure about your crown,stolen as it is, held onto only because the Romans trust your potential rivals even less to do their bidding. And now this?

However, the second half gets you thinking. Why would the rest of Jerusalem be quaking in their sandals at this news? Weren't they supposed to be looking forward to the coming of the Messiah?

We like routine. We don't like unpredictability. And here comes a massive dose of uncertainty. What will the Messiah be like? Will His arrival complicate things with the Romans? Is there a good chance that the Romans will do away with you as a response to rebellion?

So many questions - but no answers? Truly a pivotal time for them.

We can find ourselves in the same position easily. We like to be in control. But that is not what a life of faith is all about. For us, freedom, release from inner turmoil comes when we relinquish control over what we couldn't master in the first place.

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