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Monday, December 25, 2006

Have an Inspirational Christmas!

The past fe months have been a joy - and a challenge to post something of use. In the Ne Year, I will be stepping up a gear. I'm excited by the prospect - and would value your prayers.

It is encouraging to me to see a growing readersip, and repeat visitors retrning to see what's new in this, and the other spiritual weblogs I maintain. You keep me going.

Menwhile Why do I do this? I'll post up some meditations o a number of verses. But here's a hit. God's love compels me. Deep down I want to write, to spek, to shout from the rooftops: sharing what I have. It may not be much. It is raw, unpolished at times - in need of careful editing to get the message aross, unencumbered by a poor choice of words or typographical errors.

But write I must - and so I do.

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