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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Inspirational Verses from the Sermon on the Mount: the Lord's Prayer

More properly, this is the Disciples' Prayer - it's the one He taught US. It's position in the Sermon on the Mount is important. Jesus had just finished warning the disciples against meaningless repetition. The prayer is not some sort of magic mantra that will bring us blessings and keep us safe from curses - as if we were a cargo cult.

Instead, it's a pattern - a patchwor of themes that our own prayers should focus on if we are to develop an intimate relationship with our true Heavenly Father.

Our purpose is not to develop a mental checklist of spiritual topics, but to present ourselves in a way that acnowledges firstly who God is - then focuses on ourselves - our need of Him if we are to meet the needs of those around us.

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