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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Future Plans

Jesus warned his followers to be as wise as serpents, but as innocent as doves. An interesting mix of metaphors, but an important point. When we look at the parable of the shrewd steward we see the same tension in operation.

Although our future is in God's hands, and He could decide to end your life tomorrow, this is no excuse for laziness or shoddy preparation. The Good Lord gave each of us a brain with the capacity to plan ahead and be prepared. He therefore expects us to use it and not depend on Him to get us out of scrapes that our lack of diligence gets us into in the first place.

"If it is God's will" is not a magic word to cover over our own failings. It is a recognition of the constraints He places us under - that we are not the true masters of our destiny but owe everything to Him. It does not abrogate the authority and responsibility He has invested in us to accomplish His will "on earth, as it is in Heaven."

Therefore as we draw to the end of another year, it is wise to prayerfully make plans and commit our projects to Him. Over the next few days, I shall share some of mine with you.

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