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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Inpsirational Verses to Shape the New Year

Psalm 37 is a good place to start. It begins with some excellent advice. Don't trouble yourself over the success of evil people. They will get what is coming to them at the right time. Just be careful how you pray. In my youth, I used to call on God to bring down His fires of judgement on one immoral establishment in the city where I lived. Then, one day I awoke to the news that one of the clients of the place in question had thrown a couple of petrol bombs through their window as a result of a dispute there. Thankfully, no-one was hurt. However, it was a humbling reminder to me to be more specific and less flowery in how I prayed.

If you do want your heart's desire though, the advice in the following verses is plain and straightforwards. Delight yourself in the Lord. Of course, you run the risk that re-ordering your priorities will result in a radical adjustment of what you perceive your heart's desire to be. But that is precisely what you signed up for when you gave over your life to serve Jesus only.

So, if you want to see success in the following year, commit your plans now to the Lord. Consult with Him in order to enure that your plans coincide with the vision He has given you of your destiny.

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