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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Inpirational Bible Verses from the Sermon on the Mount #2 salt and light

Matthew ch.5 v.13 puts it simply. Jesus calls us salt and light.

As a consummate storyteller, Jesus knew the power of the power of the images conjured up by His words. They ring less true to us today because of our society of convenience. You want light? Flick a switch. You want salt? It's there in abundance in our supermarkets!

To his listeners, the words meant something else. Salt and light were essential to life and were not always easy to come by. Salt was the great preserver and gave flavour to all it came into contact with. Light was needed to guide in the dark and show up dangers for what they were.

And that's us. We have an essential part to play in preserving society and giving it a distint flavour. We are needed to give guidance and to show things up for what they really are - exposing imagined dangers as superstitious fancies and illuminating the dak pits where people might fall.

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