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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Inspirational Verses from the Sermon on the Mount #3 I say to you...

You have heard...

But I say to you...

These two phrases come up again and again in the last half of Matthew ch.5

But, in verse 17, Jesus makes it quite clear. He has not come to destroy the Law or the Prophets. He has come to fulfill all that they wrote about.

These verses lay a far higher standard of behaviour on believers than would have been expected. It is simple enough, most of the time to modify the outward behaviour of the majority of people. The Law was good at that. But, it has no effect on the inward life of the soul - except to show sin up for what it truly is.

The Law's role was to show us that we were in need of a saviour. But it was powerless in itself to save us.

Jesus came, not to subvert or usurp the Law and its clear demands. Instead He came to fulfill those demands on our behalf. We would have no hope of internalisin the Law to approach the higher standard that Jesus reveals in this passage - but with the Holy spirit dwelling in us, we can have the power on the inside to say no to temptation and sin. And even if we do fall, we have God's forgiveness to be able to stand once again in His strength.

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